SHARJAH: The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, has revealed that a medical team at Al-Kuwait Hospital has successfully performed two surgeries using advanced surgical robot technology. The first operation was for a patient with malignant cells in the larynx, while the second one was for a patient with sleep apnea due to enlarged tongue. The new achievement enhances the competitiveness of Al Kuwait Hospital thanks to its highly skilled medical competences and state-of-the-are equipment. The ENT department of Al Kuwait Hospital has developed a treatment plan for the Laryngeal cancer case and prepared the patient for the surgery after necessary medical examinations have conducted. The surgery was performed using the latest generation of robots in the Middle East, supported by the competency and expertise of the medical staff to perform such sensitive surgeries, in which a lot of challenges are faced. To this day, making an incision (cut) on the front of the neck and opening a patient’s larynx were required in such operations, the matter which has dangerous consequences.

While the surgical robot makes it possible to perform the surgery in a better way by removing the tumor through the mouth without having any negative effects on the patient’s speech or swallowing.