The body of the man was transferred to hospital before being handed over to his relatives for burial Image Credit: Ras Al Khaimah Police

Ras Al Khaimah: A 22-year-old Gulf national died after his vehicle crashed on a mountain road in Ras Al Khaimah on Sunday morning, police said.

Major Ali Al Rahbi, acting head of Al Rams Comprehensive Police Station, said the police operations room received a call at 11.24am about an incident in a mountainous area.

Lost control

Police investigations determined that the accident had occurred when the motorist lost control of the vehicle while driving down from the peak of a mountain. The vehicle collided into the side of the mountain slope, killing the young man.

Maj Al Rahbi said police patrols and the National Ambulance rushed to the accident site after receiving the report.

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The body of the accident victim was transferred to the hospital in preparation for handing it over to his relatives for burial.