An road accident in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Three people were injured Monday in two separate car crashes in Dubai.

The first crash took place on Dubai Ring Road when F. L., the 30-year-old driver of a salon car was speeding and not keeping a safe distance between his car and a truck ahead of him.

He crammed into the truck and was stuck in his car until a Dubai Police rescue team cut his car with hydraulic cutters to get him out.

The driver sustained severe injuries while his 29-year-old companion, F. J., sustained light injuries.

The second accident took place on Meydan Road in the direction leading towards Safa Park, when S. M. was speeding over the bridge leading to Shaikh Zayed Road.

When he tried to turn to reach Shaikh Zayed road, his car skidded and hit the road barrier before falling off the bridge.

The driver sustained severe injuries and was taken to Rashid Hospital by ambulance.