RTA confirms that taxi fares in Dubai have revised due to petrol prices increase. Image Credit: Gulf News/archive

  • The minimum taxi fare of Dh12 in Dubai remains unchanged
  • The total fare will be affected, based on complete journey

Dubai: Taxi fares in Dubai have been increased following hike in fuel prices for the month of July, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has confirmed to Gulf News on Saturday.

However, the cost of other modes of public transport — including Dubai Metro, Tram and public buses — remain unchanged.

In an exclusive statement to Gulf News, RTA said: “Any change in taxi fares is a dynamic change based on the fluctuating fuel prices in the local market and is calculated based on fuel usage per kilometre.”

“We have implemented a forethought increase without any impact on the opening/booking fare charges (of taxis),” RTA added.

New fares

This means, the minimum taxi fare of Dh12 in Dubai remains unchanged but the total fare will be affected — based on complete taxi journey as the price change will be reflected on the subsequent per kilometre fare.

According to taxi drivers, the fare has been increased from Dh1.99 per km to Dh2.21 per km. This means that, a 10-Km taxi journey is now Dh2.20 higher.

‘Use public transport’

The RTA also underlined that the use public transport is still the most economical mode of mobility.

“RTA provides various public transportation modes, like Dubai Metro and Tram, public buses and an integrated marine transport system — which all cover most of Dubai’s geographical area. In addition, the public buses provide an intercity service to other emirates,” RTA explained.

July petrol prices

The UAE fuel price committee announced on Thursday petrol and diesel prices for the month of July as follows: Super 98 petrol is Dh4.63 per litre, up from Dh4.15 a litre in June; while Special 95 is now Dh4.52/ litre, as compared to Dh4.03/ litre last month. E-91 is Dh4.44, from Dh3.96/ litre in June, while diesel is now Dh4.76/ litre, up Dh4.14/ litre the previous month.

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Sharjah taxi fares

Also on Thursday, the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA), announced earlier the amendment of the taxi meter tariff in the emirate, starting July 2022, “in implementation of the decision of the Sharjah Executive Council.”

SRTA said the flexible pricing of taxi-meter tariffs was “in line with the current economic changes after the liberalisation of the price of fuel. Youssef Khamis Al Othmani, chairman of the SRTA, explained “the amendment depends on the mechanism of calculating the tariff for taxis based on the principle of liberalising fuel prices, as the tariff for opening the meter will be adjusted either by increase or decrease according to the fuel pricing approved by the Ministry of Energy.

Meanwhile, ride-hailing company Uber has hiked its UAE fares amid a surge in petrol prices. This was their second fare increase this year, following the initial one in March.