A witness took this photo at the scene of the accident after the car which crashed into the 4x4 caught fire. Emergency services arrived soon after. Image Credit: Hassan Jan Saduzai/Gulf News reader

Dubai: Three sisters, including a four-year-old, had a miraculous escape after their speeding 4x4 was hit by a car at a traffic signal in Bur Dubai on Friday night.

According to witnesses, the accident happened at 10.40pm.

They said the 4x4 jumped a red light at high speed and was hit by a saloon car at almost a right angle.

The 4x4 overturned several times before landing on its side near the US Consulate General by Dubai Creek.

A young Sri Lankan woman was driving the 4x4, with her two sisters in the passenger seats.

Passers-by rushed to the car and pulled the three sisters out through the windows as the doors were jammed.

Miraculously, they sustained no visible injuries but were apparently in shock and crying, eyewitnesses said.

Moments after the accident, the grey car caught fire but the driver, whose nationality is unknown, walked away unhurt. The burning car blocked weekend traffic on the busy stretch of road.

Three police cars, an ambulance and two fire trucks reached the spot ten minutes after the incident to find flames leaping out of the car. A man with a fire-extinguisher was seen battling the flames before fire officers from Dubai Civil Defence took over and brought it under control.

Minor injuries

Paramedics attended to the sisters who were released shortly after.

A paramedic said the four-year-old sustained minor head injuries. A sister was seen comforting the child after they were given first aid.

"I don't remember how it happened. Maybe we were talking," one of the Sri Lankan girls told an eyewitness.

A senior Dubai Police official warned motorists to slow down instead of speeding while approaching traffic lights and to stop the car when the green signal is flashing.

He said cameras are installed at most junctions to catch motorists who jump the red light, which is a serious offence.