Peter Van Veyeren, Ayah Nofal Kahook and Sa'ad Jasem Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: News of commuters recently fined Dh100 for chewing gum on the Dubai Metro led to a robust debate among Gulf News readers.

While some were happy about the rule being implemented, others expressed their dismay on the ban and the fine imposed.

Sa'ad Jasem, a 47-year-old Canadian national, who uses Dubai Metro at least twice a week said: "[It's good to] ban chewing gum on the Metro, [but] Dh100 fine is very high, and [hurts] to pay. A fine of Dh50 is reasonable."

Peter Van Veyeren, a 57-year-old South African national, who is not a frequent user of Dubai Metro felt that "the ban is a good move". He said it ensures the train system stays clean. "I have used many trains and metros in foreign countries, but Dubai Metro is spotlessly clean," he said.

"Chewing gums should not be allowed because people stick it on to seats, poles, doors or windows, or may even spit it on the floor!"

Umair from Dubai commented on gulfnews.com that many people need to be reminded of ‘not to do things" on the Metro.

He wrote: "These rules were set out a long time [ago] ... most of the users are unaware of it."

However, some readers disagreed on the fine on chewing gum. Ayah Nofal Kahook, a 22-year-old American, said: "The ban should not be implemented ... because chewing gums have nothing to do with the functioning of the Metro."

Another reader from Dubai agreed with Ayah. He posted on gulfnews.com: "I have used [the] Tube and trains in London and Metro rails in India — there are no such rules for chewing gum but there is for spitting and if people stick them. What's wrong to have a drink [of] water on the Metro. It's [a] bit difficult to agree with this."