A parking space for people of determination in Sharjah Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah Municipality has stressed the importance of digitally registering cards for people of determination in the public parking system.

The municipality has officially endorsed the requirement to digitally link these cards to the parking system, doing away with the need to physically display them on the vehicle’s front windshield. It also means people of determination will be able to park in regular spaces, without having to look for a designation space for them.

By implementing this virtual registration process, it becomes easier for digital scanning vehicles to read the license plates of these vehicles, effectively preventing individuals from incurring parking violations resulting from the oversight of displaying the permit issued by the relevant authorities.

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The municipality further explained that the registration procedure is “straightforward and user-friendly”.

Applicants can access the municipality’s website, navigate to the designated section for electronic and smart services, select the public parking services, and complete the necessary steps by uploading the required documents.

Hamed Al Qaed, Director of the Public Parking Department at Sharjah City Municipality, said the municipality continuously seeks to facilitate the use of Sharjah city parking by people of determination by registering their vehicles in the integrated parking system, and thus using all parking spaces without placing any permit on the front windshield, which avoids customers falling into parking violations resulting from forgetting to put the permit issued by the competent authorities.

Al Qaed also stated that the municipality relies heavily on smart inspection to serve public parking using digital scanning vehicles, which are smart vehicles that read vehicle plates using "high-quality" overhead cameras, monitor public parking violations and work to transfer observations and violations to the system so that the necessary measures are taken by inspectors.