Abu Dhabi police seized two cars for excessive speeding. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Abu Dhabi: The newly introduced ‘hunter' radars by Abu Dhabi Police are proving to be a success after they were able to capture two motorists who were speeding over 200km/h, police said.

Abu Dhabi Police caught two motorists who were speeding over 200km/h on a highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The motorists were caught red handed by the new ‘hunter' radars which Abu Dhabi Police had installed recently to crack down on speeding and other traffic offences.

The two vehicles, a Ferrari and a Bentley were caught doing 250km/h and 213km/h respectively.

Abu Dhabi Police had introduced the ‘hunter' (Al Qanass) radar, which is a laser-operated device that allows officers to capture a clear image of speeding vehicles, and is also capable of producing videos.


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Undercover and ordinary patrol cars were provided with the radar to spot violators on internal and external roads. The radar is capable of covering all road directions and is sensitive towards vehicles which exceed speed limits at long distances.

Traffic patrols from Abu Dhabi Traffic and patrols Department seized the two vehicles immediately and referred the drivers to the Public Prosecution for legal action.

The fine for driving a vehicle dangerously or racing on the roads goes upto to Dh2,000, in addition to 12 black points on the driving licence and confiscation of the vehicle for 30 days.

Colonel Hussain Al Harthy, director of Abu Dhabi Traffic and patrols Department, said the two motorists were driving their cars at "crazy speeds" ignoring traffic rules and the signboards which show the speed limits of the roads. They even ignored the signboards that said the roads were monitored by radars.


He said the speeds of the vehicles, one at 250km/h and the other at 213km/h, indicated that "the drivers were in a kind of a race track similar to Formula 1" and not on a highway which has its traffic rules to abide by.

Colonel Al Harthy said police will not be lenient with reckless motorists who endanger thier own lives and those of other road users.

"Unfortunately, there is a small group of reckless motorists who do not respect traffic laws, which requires a tough action to deal with their negative and crazy behaviours to prevent tragedies on the road," he said.

Colonel Al Harthy emphasized that Abu Dhabi Police will continue implementing tough laws on reckless motorists to protect other road users.

He said stopping the bloodshed on the roads is a shared responsibility between police and the public to make the roads free of tragic accidents.

Colonel Al Harthy warned motorists, especially youngsters who speed excesively or perform uncivilised acts on the roads such as racing to be aware of the new ‘hunter' radars as they are capable of catching all kinds of offences.

Do you think the roads in the UAE are used as racing tracks? What will it take to make such drivers learn to respect road rules?