Dubai: Police will use a gadget to crack down on tinting over the permitted limit.

Gulf News earlier reported that Dubai Police had been using an electronic device that was developed by the department to check the tinting level on vehicle windows. The device when placed on a vehicle's window will instantly give the level of tinting.

Brigadier Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, Director of Dubai Police's Traffic Department, said the results given by the device were accurate. He said the department had completed a training course for traffic policemen on how to use the gadget.

Brigadier Al Zafein said the gadget would be used in various traffic campaigns that the department carries to crack down on excessive tinting.

The device only needs to be placed on a vehicle's window and at the press of a button it will measure the exact tinting level.

"In the coming few days, we will provide every traffic patrol with this gadget to check tinting levels of vehicles while they are on the roads," Brigadier Al Zafein said.

Major Saif Muhair, acting director of the department, said the device is built in Dubai Police's workshop by police employees. He said the device will rule out any suspicion that might happen between the traffic policeman and the motorists because the device give accurate results.

He said the device has been tested several times and proved its success in accurately measuring the tinting level.

Major Muhair called on motorists to abide by the 30 per cent tinting limit.