Dubai: Motorists in Dubai can now opt to renew their vehicle registration automatically.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Wednesday that the automatic renewal service is now available for both private and commercial vehicles. However, it currently covers only light vehicles.

Available at no extra cost, the service will also help people avoid fines for missing the due date for registration every year.

The service is particularly handy for vehicles less than three years old, which don’t require annual testing. However, older vehicles can also avail the facility, with the renewal processed automatically once the vehicle passes the testing.

The move comes after the RTA recently digitised vehicle registration and renewal services.

“The automatic renewal of vehicle registration service is part of our plan for migration to online services. The service is now live for both commercial and personal vehicles through RTA’s website (,” said Jamal Al Sada, director of vehicle licensing at RTA’s Licensing Agency.

To avail the service, interested motorists will have to first sign up for the RTA’s e-wallet and top up the account at The account could be topped up either through a credit card or via Al Ansari Exchange.

“The e-wallet is a free service enabling clients to pay for the service fees. To be able to use this service, the client needs to first create an e-wallet account, then fill out the required information, link the e-wallet with the licensing services and add credit to the account,” he added.

Once you have the e-wallet, you can apply for the automatic renewal facility. The option is available on the RTA portal among its list of licensing services. When you click on the licensing services on the website, choose for the ‘automatic renewal’ option.

The facility allows the users to choose the date of renewal and motorists can opt to renew up to 90 days before the expiry date of the vehicle’s registration.

While applying for the service, motorists can choose what amount of fines they would like to pay through the e-wallet.

“If you have more than one vehicle registered under your name and you have fines for all the vehicles, you can complete the registeration of the vehicle that is due, without paying the fines for the other vehicles,” said Al Sada.

Once the e-wallet is activated, the applicants will have to then verify their email address, select the delivery mode for the new registration card (if the applicant already doesn’t have the lifetime registration card), add vehicle details and confirm the subscription to the service.

Once the application is completed, a text message will be sent to the applicant confirming subscription to the service.

“The plastic registration card will be sent only to those who don’t have the lifetime vehicle registration card. Those who have the lifetime card will only receive a virtual card on their RTA smartphone app dashboard and they will also receive a certificate will all vehicle details through email,” added Al Sada.

Renewal of vehicle registration costs Dh350 while new vehicle registration costs Dh400.

How to apply?

Create an RTA e-wallet account at

Link your e-wallet to licensing services

Top up the e-wallet with sufficient balance

Payment can be made through credit card or at Al Ansari Exchange

Log on to

Select licensing services

Opt for ‘automatic renewal’ from a list of services

Add your vehicle details

Verify your email

Choose the date of renewal

Choose the amount of fines to be paid (if any)

Choose the mode of delivery for lifetime registration card (only for those who don’t already have it)

Confirm subscription