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Dubai: Police in Sharjah announced on Thursday that the speed limit on the Maliha- Al Faiya Street has now been raised.  

The road, which is located in the central region of Sharjah, had its speed limit increased after Sharjah Police General Directorate studied a proposal recommended by the Traffic Committee.

According to Sharjah Police, the new speed limit changed from 80km/h to 100km/h as a result of significant road works carried out by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Sharjah, to improve traffic flow in the area.

And due to the grace window for speed limits in the UAE, this means that the radar will flash motorists that drive above 120km/h instead of the previous 100km/h.

The traffic and patrol department confirmed that the control of the radar’s speed limit is part of the comprehensive traffic safety plan adopted by Sharjah Police, aimed at improving traffic safety levels in the emirate.

“In order to [improve safety levels], fixed and mobile radars were installed on roads in order to increase traffic control, and to protect the lives of drivers and road users,” said Sharjah Police.

The Sharjah Police General Directorate urged motorists to be vigilant when avoiding radar violations, and to ensure the safety of other motorists while driving.

The authority also stressed the need for the public to participate in the culture of safe driving and to comply with speed limits to prevent traffic accidents.