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Stop sign for other motorists. Supplied by Abu Dhabi Police. Image Credit: Motorists are urged to stop completely when the school bus stop sign is deployed

Abu Dhabi: As schoolchildren across Abu Dhabi returned to school on Monday, motorists were once again warned about the Dh1,000 fine that will be imposed if they fail to stop completely when a school bus stop sign arm is deployed.

The traffic regulation, which is designed to ensure the safety of students boarding or disembarking from a school bus, is strictly enforced by Abu Dhabi Police during the school term. On a social media alert, the Police reminded drivers to adhere to it or face penalties.

“Abu Dhabi Police urges motorists to bring their vehicles to a complete stop when the school bus stop sign arm is displayed. According to Article 91 of the traffic law, motorists who ignore the Stop sign on school buses are fined Dh1,000 and 10 black traffic points,” the Police said.

School return

The reminder came on the first day of in-person learning for Abu Dhabi students in 2022. Students enrolled in kindergarten, primary school, Grade 12, and higher education, as well as those preparing for international exams, have resume in-person classes from today, with the rest set to return for face-to-face learning from January 31.

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The law also stipulates which cars must stop on single roads and multi-lane roads.

-On roads with single lanes in each direction, motorists travelling in both directions should stop at a distance of at least five metres.

-On roads with multiple lanes in each direction, the driver headed in the same direction of the school bus must stop at a distance of at least five metres from the school bus.