Jam session. Closure of left and U turns and long waits at traffic signals are causing huge jams in Dubai Marina Image Credit: Anjana Kumar/XPRESS

Dubai: Long waits at traffic signals are clogging traffic in Dubai Marina. Commuters say this is because the duration of signals have been extended to faciliate the smooth running of the Dubai Tram.

“Authorities must address this problem. The daily traffic gridlock here is becoming a nuisance. At first we were given to understand that the bottleneck around Marina was due to tram work. But now the tram is in full swing, yet the problem persist,” said Emirates Living resident Ayan Bakshi who works at Dubai Marina. 

Peak hour traffic

On one peak hour morning earlier this week, XPRESS timed a red signal in front of Mina Seyahi and Westin Hotel. It lasted over 2.26 minutes. By then, there were massive tailbacks.

“It’s very frustrating. The signal stays red far too long and it impacts traffic in adjoining areas too. The other day it took me almost an hour to wriggle out of a jam in JBR,” said Emirati student Yaqoob Al Hammadi, who had come from Abu Dhabi to meet his friends at the The Walk.

American tourist Josh Baker who is staying with a friend at Shams, JBR said he has never seen the JBR Walk free of traffic. “I have been here for almost a fortnight and everyday it’s the same story. The stretch remains clogged with cars all day long. I am glad I don’t drive here,” said the financial analyst.

Motorists said the closure of left and U turns by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) at Al Sayoorah, Al Sofouh, Al Gharbi and Al Sharta have added to their woes.

“Left turns at five junctions where Dubai Tram intersects with regular traffic have been closed for motorists. Now anyone wanting to take these roads have to go all the way down the street and come back. It doesn’t help,” said Rachel Browne, 32, who lives in Dubai Marina.

“I thought the tram would ease congestion but as it turns out, it has worsened the traffic situation. During peak hours it takes almost an hour to cover stretch that is otherwise a ten minutes drive,” said the Aussie sports instructor.

With inputs by Abhishek Sengupta, Staff Reporter