Al Ain: Faulty tyres could endanger motorists' lives, warned traffic police and experts, advising people to pay special attention to vehicle tyres during summer.

The advice has come in the backdrop of increasing incidents of tyre bursts, especially on highways.

Some tyre experts in Al Ain have asked traffic police to launch a campaign against the use of worn out tyres.

"It's a serious issue," said Dr Yaser Hawas, Associate Professor of Traffic and Highway Engineering and Director of the Roadway, Transportation and Traffic Safety Research Centre of the UAE University.

People need to be educated on tyre safety since a majority of them do not know how to check.

"It's a technical matter and traffic police should provide printed guidelines to the drivers at the time of vehicle registration," he added.

Dr Hawas acknowledged that faulty or worn out tyres are a major factor in road accidents in the country and drivers' ignorance has been playing a big role in it.

An official at the Al Ain Traffic Police Department said: "We have noticed a lack of awareness among the drivers and highlight its importance through occasional campaigns."

The official said drivers must inspect their tyres regularly and consult a specialist if they do not know how to check the tyres.