Sharjah: The Air Wing helicopters will survey Sharjah’s roads, looking for traffic congestion to take immediate action to facilitate the traffic movement, said Major Khalid Al Kay, deputy director of traffic media and guidance at Sharjah Police.

The initiative, launched in cooperation with the Air Wing section, comes in line with Sharjah Police’s traffic safety strategy aimed at making the emirate’s roads safer.

The project aims to help the police determine areas of traffic congestion on Sharjah’s internal and external roads, and dispatch traffic patrols to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic in the designated locations.

The helicopters will report to police operations room the places where traffic congestion was witnessed, and then the police operations room will direct traffic patrols to that place to regulate the movement.

The Air Wing section has already begun policing Sharjah and monitoring traffic movement on its roads.

He pointed out that the aircrew will include traffic officers and experts from road authorities to have full study on roads’ condition and the reasons behind the traffic congestion, including what was causing the congestion, in order to prepare a comprehensive study to find a solution to the problem.

The Air wing helicopters will be used during the peak hours.