Dubai inter-city RTA bus. Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: All bus routes across the city are likely to re-open within a “maximum period of two to four weeks”, according to a set of guidelines released by the Dubai Economic Department (DED).

According to DED’s implementation plan, service timings will be adjusted as needed with the re-opening of all bus lines across the city.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will provide back-up buses to support crowded stations and modify bus waiting time and bus type, according to the needs and number of passengers at service stations, the DED noted.

Based on the same plan, the RTA will “direct the bus control centre to provide more support to the inspectors and change the itinerary as needed and change the bus routes to avoid restricted areas without prior coordination.”

Passengers are also encouraged to use taxis.

Restrictions and protocols

The RTA will continue to close the air-conditioned passenger waiting areas to ensure no crowding in places of limited size.

The government authority will also develop permanent crowd management procedures and impose mandatory procedures to employees and passengers to wear masks.

Social distancing measures will be imposed and stickers will be placed on the floors and bus seats to ensure the implementation of social spacing inside the buses.

The use of digital payment methods is highly encouraged.

Preserve Dubai’s health

The RTA will officially announce the re-opening of public transportation and other services in coordination with Dubai Media Office.

They will also distribute general guideline posters to promote physical distancing in all public transportation modes and stations. RTA is also mandated to increase awareness campaigns through social media and existing smart electronic screens.

There will be continued sterilisation activities and sharing of solidarity enhancement programme encouraging everyone to “work together to preserve Dubai’s health”, according to DED.