Residents in the UAE can now make free national and international voice and video calls using ToTok app. Image Credit: ToTok

Dubai: Even as the UAE government looks into allegations that ToTok, the communication app, may have been involved in the mishandling of user data, the app’s co-founder released a statement via Twitter, slamming the charges.

Late on Friday evening, the co-founder of ToTok, Giac, posted a video message addressed to Apple and Google. In the 1-minute-36-second clip, he asks the two tech giants for support “to reinstate ToTok in app stores”. He goes on to say that he is part of a group of international entrepreneurs and denies affiliations to any governments including that of the UAE, US or China.

He speaks about the cost of the recent backlash and “publicity” that came with the charges of spying. He says the removal of the app from the stores came as a rude shock. He goes on to say that user privacy and data protection is a top priority for the developers.

The issue was first reported on December 21, after a Dubai-based tweep said he was unable to locate the app on the Apple App store. Soon after, global reports began to emerge pointing to the mishandling of data by the firm.

Meanwhile, The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) on Friday issued a statement saying it is closely following up on recent allegations concerning the privacy policy of some video and voice call apps in the UAE, including ToTok.

Much business has been lost for the once popular calling app. Giac ends his Twitter post by pleading with the tech giants to visit ToTok offices and address any issues they may have, so the company can get back on track.