Residents in the UAE reported that they were unable to download the ToTok app for free national and international voice and video calls. Image Credit: ToTok

Dubai: A free app for making video and voice calls has been removed from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Residents are now unable to download the free Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app as it is no longer available for mobile users registered in the UAE.

The removal of the app was first reported on December 21, after a Dubai-based tweep said he was unable to locate it on the Apple App Store.

ToTok app removed from Apple Store
The ToTok app has been removed from the Apple App Store, as well as Google Play. Image Credit: GN

“I tried to send an invitation for my friend to use ToTok, but after several attempts, gave up. It was also impossible to find it in the app stores,” said another frustrated resident in Dubai.

The free calling app was first noticed on a mainstream level following Botim’s announcement to continue providing communication services under the ToTok brand, which is based in Singapore.

BOTIM service provider sends message to its subscribers to use the free calling app ToTok Image Credit: supplied

However, several residents who already downloaded the free app said they did not face any issues and were able to continue making internet calls.

Since 2017, voice and video calls using apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Google Duo and Messenger have been banned in the UAE. According to regulations issued by the Telecommunications and Regulatory Authority (TRA), residents were advised to subscribe to BOTIM and C’ME apps provided by Etisalat and du, and to sign up for the monthly payment plan if they intended to use VoIP apps on their UAE number.

Social media users in the UAE took to Twitter as the topic turned into a hot discussion, with a few overreacting and sharing their disappointment about the turn of events that unfolded during the weekend.