Residents in the UAE can now make free national and international voice and video calls using ToTok app. Image Credit: ToTok

Dubai: Residents in the UAE can now use ToTok app to make free local and international voice or video calls.

ToTok is one of the internet calling apps in the UAE that is fast gaining popularity with residents for its seamless video and voice call quality. With no monthly subscription, no VPN or subscribed internet package, ToTok is currently also offering messaging service and conference calls involving up to 20 people. Using this app, residents can now connect with their families and friends around the world without paying a dirham.

Since the free app was introduced in the UAE a few months ago, many expatriates have already unsubscribed to paid calling apps such as BOTIM and C’ME, which were authorised by telecom companies in the UAE. Subscribers of BOTIM and C'ME have to pay Dh50 per month in addition to a data package while making calls using their mobile phones while Dh100 is monthly rent for using Wi-Fi service at homes to make calls through unlimited devices.

ToTok can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, with no internet calling plan required — at least for now as there has been no official statements regarding any future payment plans to use this app.

“I unsubscribe my BOTIM app Dh50 payment plan last week since I downloaded the ToTok because it is free and allows me seamless calling and messaging facility,” said Sudheer K, a Dubai resident. He said that he has been making free calls to talk to his friends and relatives in India and even within UAE.

Tanveer Bangash, a Pakistani expatriate in Sharjah, said that it was wonderful to use ToTok as he can save on monthly subscription fees and data plans. “Life is good with Totok as it can be downloaded anywhere in the world,” he added.

Totok has apparently come from the team behind BOTIM as some BOTIM users received text messages informing them to download the new app to make free calls. This app developer is based in Singapore.

BOTIM service provider sends message to its subscribers to use the free calling app ToTok Image Credit: supplied

UAE banned making voice and video calls using apps like whats app, Skype, Facebook, Google Duo, IMO, messenger and Instagram in 2017. Instead, residents were advised to subscribe to BOTIM and C’ME to using calling facility on monthly payment plan.

Since, UAE is home to a massive expatriate population who frequently call their families and friends back home, a free calling app is a blessing for them.