Slightest changes in your driving habits will make a world of difference Image Credit: Illustrative purpose

Dubai Even the slightest changes in your driving habits will make a world of difference – not just in your vehicle’s fuel consumption but also in the environment. Here are a few simple tips that will get you on the road to eco-friendly driving.

1. Steady speed

Switch off the engine while waiting for the lights to turn green at the signals instead of idling in traffic. Avoid abrupt or hurried starts and make sure you increase the speed gradually. The same goes for when you brake. Maintain your speed at or below the posted limit. By taking your foot off the gas pedal and not going hard on brakes cut down on fuel mileage by almost 30 per cent, say experts.

Also important is sticking to speed limits. Driving just 5mph over the limit can affect fuel consumption by 23 per cent and the optimum speed for fuel efficiency is 70-80 km/h.

2. Staying cool

Here’s how you could beat the heat and still end up saving on fuel. Run the air-conditioning for about five minutes or till it’s reached an optimum level of temperature having hit speeds of at least 60km/h or more. Switch over to the fan next, thus leaving the chilled air inside the vehicle running in circulation.

3. Routine check-ups

The fuel system should be working efficiently and leaving you with fewer chances of being left in the middle of the road at the least expected times. Vehicles with low pressure tyres or fuel system problems guzzle more fuel in the long run.

4. Limit the load

Besides the essentials: a first aid kit, spare tyre and associated repair and safety equipment, the vehicle doesn’t need to lug around too much else. Don’t treat the roof rack or trunk like a spare storage space. Carrying around any excess weight makes your car heavier and causes it to consume more fuel than usual, thereby increasing your carbon footprint.

5. Keep calm and drive on

Keep a cool head when you’re on the road. You are likelier to drive in a road-friendly manner that keeps you, your fellow passengers, and your vehicle safe when you are in a good frame of mind.