(right) Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, director-general of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, interacting with travellers at Dubai International Airport Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: To confirm the readiness of Dubai International Airport (DXB) in providing ease of procedures for travellers during the New Year’s Eve rush, top officials have paid an inspection visit to the facility.

Lieutenant General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, Director-General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA Dubai), accompanied by Major General Talal Ahmed Al Shanqeeti, Assistant Director-General of the Air Ports Sector, undertook an inspection tour of DXB to check on the progress of matters for passengers arriving to the UAE through Dubai airports during the 2024 New Year holiday season.

During the tour, Lt Gen Al Marri inspected procedures in place at the airport, with a focus on travellers arriving to celebrate the New Year in the country, as well as those departing to spend the holiday in their country.

Al Marri with passengers during his tour Image Credit: Supplied

He expressed his satisfaction with the quality of performance and skill shown by passport officers in receiving travellers, stressing the importance of providing high-quality services and ensuring smooth travel during this time, which is witnessing the influx of many groups of travellers to the country.

Lt Gen Al Marri stressed the commitment of GDRFA Dubai to provide a safe and comfortable environment for travellers, especially during the New Year holiday period, by working closely with the relevant authorities and partners to ensure the provision of a smooth travel experience.

He praised the efforts of all cadres working at the airport and congratulated them on the occasion of the New Year before concluding his tour, which included the children’s platform that was launched last April for the 4-12 age group.

The director-general also reviewed the smart gates and the smart corridor, pointing out that these services contribute in creating a smooth and speedy travel experience by avoiding waiting and queues due to airport congestion at this time of the year.