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Akef Alaqrabawi (right) with Talal Al Fayez (left) and TikTok's Raghdah Alazab. Image Credit: Angel Tesorero/Gulf News

Dubai: Global video-sharing app TikTok has partnered with Injaz, a non-profit organisation advocating workforce readiness, to promote a series of informative and easy-to-understand videos aimed at educating and inspiring the youth on careers in emerging industries.

The collaboration, which is part of the ‘Future Jobs Initiative’, was announced during a press briefing at TikTok Lounge in Dubai today. TikTok and Injaz will create and share short videos showcasing industry leaders that will “empower the region’s youth by preparing them for future jobs in the booming fields of AI (artificial intelligence), product development, green economy, as well as people and culture”.

TikTok is a social media platform that is very popular among the youth for creating and sharing short videos, where they express themselves through singing, dancing, lip-syncing and comic acts.

This time, the entertainment platform will be used to educate the youth, boost their employability and help them secure in-demand jobs. TikTok has brought together a group of key opinion leaders who currently hold coveted jobs at companies including Microsoft, McKinsey and MetLife, to create a series of simple, informative videos that will be available on the platform.

“Through these engaging videos, leaders will share their personal journeys and insights, aiming to inspire young people to pursue future jobs that are currently growing in demand. The youth will have the opportunity to gain precious insights into emerging fields, in-demand skills and personal advice in these entertaining, yet informative videos,” explained Talal Al Fayez, head of public policy, TikTok MENAT.

He added: “At TikTok, we aim to help communities thrive and inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs and changemakers to be active and pursue their dreams. Through our partnership with Injaz, we are able to do so in a tangible way by bringing more awareness to the jobs of the future, encouraging the youth to explore these growing and lucrative fields.”


Al Fayez told Gulf News the release of the videos will be announced soon. “We want users to delve deeper and create their own videos and post their questions using the hashtag #IamFutureReady and we will respond to concerns in the future iterations of the programme,” he added.

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Akef Alaqrabawi (left) with Talal Al Fayez at the event. Image Credit: Angel Tesorero/Gulf News

Navigating the future

Akef Alaqrabawi, president and CEO of Injaz Al-Arab, said that the partnership with TikTok will help bridge the gap between market demand and develop necessary skillsets for the youth.

He noted: “A recent study conducted in collaboration with Oliver Wyman revealed 51 per cent of MENA (Middle East and North Africa) youth feel that they lack the work experience necessary to find employment. Yet, by 2040, an estimated 127 million young Arabs are expected to join the MENA workforce.

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“Injaz Al-Arab is committed to enabling the next generation of entrepreneurs and through our strategic partnership with TikTok, we are able to connect directly with today’s youth, providing them with the knowledge needed to navigate their careers. We look forward to future collaborations with TikTok as we continue to expand our reach in driving today’s youth as they become tomorrow’s leaders,” Alaqrabawi added.