Juma Khalifa Bin Thalth autographs his book which was released on Wednesday. Image Credit: Courtesy: KHDA

Dubai: The Emirates Diving Association released an encyclopaedia about the UAE’s marine life in celebration of the UAE’s 41st anniversary in cooperation with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

The book titled The Maritime Encyclopedia is the fifth UAE heritage-related book published by Emirati researcher and author Juma Khalifa Bin Thalth, in cooperation with KHDA with the aim of spreading and preserving the UAE heritage for new generations.

“This year’s book , The Maritime Encyclopedia, is about everything related to UAE marine life such as types of fish, diving tools and ship types and tools. It took me four years to complete this book as I was the one who took most of the underwater pictures myself,” said Bin Thalth during the books launch and signing.

“My aim with this book is to spread to the new generation the message that this is our past, our heritage and our national identity.” he added.

The book is considered the fifth book in a row to be presented to the UAE in celebration of the national day. The first book published by Bin Thalth was in celebration of the UAE’s 37th national day and was titled Maritime Terms Dictionary. The book published on the UAE’s 38th national day was titled UAE Divers and Pearls. On the UAE’s 39th national day the Marine Life Encyclopedia was published and on the UAE’s 40th national day book it was The Journey of Diving and Pearls.

Al Thalth hopes that all these books will one day reach students in schools and be taught to them as part of their school curriculum. He said: “We are currently communicating with the Ministry of Education in hopes of spreading these books to schools and having them taught as part of school curriculums. I really hope that it would work as such information is important for the new generations to learn,”

Director General of KHDA Dr Abdullah Al Karam stressed the importance of collaborating with the UAE Diving Association and similar associations “as it enhances national identity and is an important factor in preserving the national heritage of UAE for the coming generations”.

Meanwhile the next book that Al Thalth is planning to produce is going to be an encyclopaedia about the UAE’s terrestrial life.


Noor Nazzal is an intern at Gulf News