The Abdul Aziz Al Majid buiding from where the young boy fell, the second such incident in the building recently. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Sharjah: A 14-year-old Filipino boy died after falling from the 13th floor balcony of his apartment in Abdul Aziz Al Majid building, in Al Nahda on Wednesday evening.

Police said the teen died due to the impact of the fall.

The police operation room was called at about 5pm and a person said the boy was lying in a pool of blood near the building, a police officer said.

A team from Al Buhairah Police Station’s Criminal and Investigation Department (CID) and forensic experts were dispatched to the scene.

By the time the police and the ambulance arrived on the scene, the boy had already died.

The body was transferred to Al Kuwaiti Hospital, then to the forensic laboratory for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

It is believed that the boy, who was only identified by his initials J.A.W., committed suicide.

“We could not go and see the body when we heard what happened,” grocery store workers in the shops nearby told Gulf News.

“The screams from the neighbours who went to the scene scared me more. I could just bury my face in my hands and cry,” said R.S., who works in a nearby laundry.

Police appealed to building owners and tenants to exercise strict caution in all high-rise buildings and ensure that all safety measures were in place.

This was the second such death in the same building during the past few weeks.