Jorawar Singh, Managing Director, Stratix Consultants Image Credit: Supplied

Share some details on the Start Up Visa option for Canada and the benefits it provides for those planning to migrate to the country?

First of all this is the fastest and only investor programme for Canada that provides a direct Federal PR Programme. Under this programme an applicant and his/family can move to Canada and start their life within 9 to 12 months. Launched by the Canadian government in the year 2018, this programme is a very good option for business owners, senior managers and some professionals who do not qualify under the Skilled Category due to the age factor. Under this programme all applicants who have a budget for the investment plus other costs totaling Cdn $200,000 can approach us. We already have a good number of success stories who have already moved to Canada.

How alluring is Portugal as a destination for residency by investment? How long does it take to sort out the immigration process when applying for the Golden Visa and how can Stratix help facilitate the process?

Portugal is one of the best residency programmes for Europe as under this firstly all residency can be obtained through safe real estate investment options and after getting the same our clients can generate high returns through rental income. We help our clients to find properties options, which can generate high rental returns by putting those properties in short- term rentals. Our clients can apply for citizenship after five years by just staying seven days per year in Portugal, which makes this programme unique as compared to other residency programmes of different countries.

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Recently during the post-Covid phase, the processing time to get residency has been drastically decreased and we even managed to get residency approvals for our clients within 30 days.

In your view, which are the three hotspots for the citizenship by investment programme and why?

Cyprus: This is the fastest citizenship through investment programme in which our clients can obtain EU citizenship within six months by doing safe and high return investments in real estate.

Grenada: This is another programme that has gained popularity because of its E2 visa treaty with the US. After obtaining this, the applicant and his family not only obtain Grenada citizenship within 90 days but can also get the E2 visa for US in another 90 days and can start a business and settle in the US permanently. Since the investment amount increased during the EB5 Programme for the US from $500,000-$900,000 applicants are interested in opting for a more economical route to the US ,which is the E2 through Grenada citizenship.

Vanuatu: This is the most economical and fastest citizenship programme through which applicants can get citizenship with the investment amount starting from $135,000. Apart from that applicants can obtain this passport within 60 days.

Could you elaborate on Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment programme for refugees?

Recently our associate lawyers of Vanuatu received approval from the Vanuatu government to be exclusive consultants worldwide to deal with nomad and stateless people for the duration of three years and/or quota of 300 people starting from July 1, 2020. People who do not have proper citizenships such as Palestinians, Bedouins, Bidoons, etc. can take advantage of this and our company can help them to obtain citizenship within 60 days.