Lynn Nolan at her office in International City displays some of the child safety equipment. Safety products for different areas of the home are available from various manufacturers. Image Credit: Oliver Clarke/Gulf News

Dubai: Childproofing their homes has become a priority for parents across Dubai after the spate of accidents from high-rise buildings involving children.

One can get safety products for different areas of the home from kitchens and living areas to bathrooms and open areas.

Outdoor mesh: Mesh that prevents children from openings that could be unsafe such as balconies.

  • Rentacrib, a company that sells and rents out baby safety items, offers consultation and can help you childproof open areas like balconies and gardens according to your requirements.
  • DuMa Safe, another company that makes childproof and babyproof products, makes deck shields for child safety.
  • Hardware and furniture stores are offering fibre mesh aluminium, which is normally used as a sun or insect block.
  • These are also being used to cover balcony railings from inside. The price varies according to the material used and the size of the area to be covered.

Safety gates: One of the best-selling products. These can be fitted inside or outside a door frame to prevent children from accessing specific areas such as balconies or kitchens or near staircases.

  • Available in hardware, furniture stores and baby stores across the emirate and also online, they are available from Dh99 to Dh500.

Sliding door and window blocks: Fixing these on a sliding door or windows that open horizontally or vertically means the window can only open to a certain extent. These are priced between Dh20-30.

Window catch: Can be fixed on windows that open inwards, outwards or also those that are turned or pushed up, a window catch, available for around Dh20-35 reduces the risk of falling out of a window.

  • Window locks are also available in plastic and metal which are slide and clip locks.

Anti-slip strip: A strip that can be fixed in many areas, particularly the staircase to reduce the risk of slipping.

Safety plugs: To prevent children from sticking their fingers or objects into wall sockets, the safety plugs available in outlets can be used both in earthed and unearthed sockets.

Doorstops: Priced between Dh15-25, doorstops keep the door open, minimising the risk of a child getting their fingers caught.

Multi locks: These can be used on cabinets to prevent children gaining access.

Additionally, there are numerous childproofing products for different areas of the house like bath handles, toilet locks and bath mats for bathrooms; oven door guards and locks, hob guards for kitchens; cushioned corners, edge guards, plant safety covers for the living area; bed guards and finger pinch guards.