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The House of Wisdom in Sharjah announces the launch of new language courses in Spanish and Japanese Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The House of Wisdom (HoW), Sharjah’s iconic cultural hub, has announced exciting new chapters of its ‘Wisdom Speaks’ language development initiative — Beginners Spanish and Intermediate Japanese — which will not only enrich participants with linguistic skills but also enthral them with the diverse culture from the respective countries.

With the Spanish courses conducted by experts from the UCAM Catholic University of Murcia’s Spanish Language Institute, and the Japanese courses designed in collaboration with Eton Institute — the only EAQUALS-accredited language school in the UAE — the ‘Wisdom Speaks’ initiative has enriched the lives of many after being launched earlier this year with a beginner’s level course in Japanese.

Taking a unique and inclusive approach to imparting language and communication skills, the initiative has been broadening the cultural and linguistic horizons of language-loving children and youth through expert-led sessions at their iconic premises.

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The House of Wisdom in Sharjah announces the launch of new language courses in Spanish and Japanese Image Credit: Supplied

Tuition, activities

All of the ‘Wisdom Speaks’ courses are an immersive nine-week experience that combines educational tuition with cultural activities, giving attendees an enjoyable journey into discovering a new language. Participation in the language courses requires registration on the website of House of Wisdom as limited space is available, HoW said.

Empowering global citizens

“Language, we believe, serves as a vital conduit for understanding, empathy, and shaping global citizens,” stated Marwa Al Aqroubi, executive director of the House of Wisdom. “Our Wisdom Speaks initiative is designed with the clear purpose of equipping young people with the essential tools for effective cross-cultural communication, stimulating dialogue and facilitating understanding and exchange. Our ultimate goal is to empower successive generations to become global citizens capable of building bridges to create a harmonious world, and sharing the richness of our Arabic culture with those they encounter along their journey.”

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The House of Wisdom in Sharjah announces the launch of new language courses in Spanish and Japanese Image Credit: Supplied

Immersive environment for Spanish

With special participation from the Spanish Embassy in the UAE, the ‘Wisdom Speaks Spanish’ beginners course will cater individually to two groups — children aged seven to 14 years and youth aged 15 and above. The nine-week course will be spread across weekly lessons every Saturday, starting from August 5 and running until September 30. Participants can expect immersive language instruction and unique insights into the fourth most spoken language in the world including exclusive peeks into nations other than Spain where Spanish is the official language.

The course is far more than just language learning, from vibrant Latin-inspired performances, interactive cooking lessons, art and craft workshops inspired by the likes of Velázquez, Goya, and Picasso, to learning about major Arab influences on Spain culture, the course is designed to expose participants to various aspects of the richness of Spanish heritage. The beginners’ course will be followed by comprehensive intermediate and advanced level courses, enabling those in participation to take their proficiency to greater heights.

Engaging Japanese schedule

There will be an engaging schedule ahead for the ‘Wisdom Speaks Japanese’ curriculum too, with their intermediate level course being held every Sunday starting from the August 6, and concluding on October 1. This second installment of the programme will also be followed by the advanced level course, ending off the three-tiered linguistic programme.

Both the intermediate and the advanced legs of the course will include a diverse range of activities, workshops and performances enriching participants in the traditional Japanese art forms such as ‘Owari Cloisonne’ (bronze vase painting), calligraphy, Japanese lantern making as well as illustration and animation. Participants can expect a dynamic and interactive learning experience designed to foster their language proficiency and cultural appreciation.