Rogue recruiters place false vacancy advertisements and charge job seekers in spite of a Ministry of Labour ban on these practices. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Despite repeated warning from authorities, a deceitful recruitment agency is making money after promising jobs to desperate people.

Dubai Gate Management Consultancy, a rogue recruiter, operating from Sharjah is charging job seekers in spite of the fact that Ministry of labour ban on such a practice.

Labour officials said that the ministry did shut down different recruitment agencies and press charges against the owners on allegations that the firms charged candidates for applying for jobs.

“I saw one of the ads of this recruitment agency in the classifieds column of a daily newspaper dated April 21, 2012. The ad appeared for the post of Senior Accountant for a well-established British Group in UAE,” one of the victims told Gulf News.

The victim, identified as Satish, said there was no email ID, rather a contact no 056-7508956.

“I contacted this number and a woman identified herself as Sana responded from the other end with a not so clear response. I asked for the location for the interview for which she didn’t give me the exact address rather asked me to reach the hotel, and she asked me to give her a call,” she the victim.

“As I reached the hotel, I gave Sana a call and she told me to go to an office on the 2nd Floor at Al Mawarid Tower located at Carrefour Express building behind Buhaira Corniche. I reached the office and met Sana. She took my CV and asked about the current job and told that you would have to pay Dh500 as the registration fees,” he added.

He said the woman explained to him that the Dh500 is a charge for the registration for processing the CV of the applicants and it will not be refunded if the applicant is selected for work.

The victim said that he was told by Sana that he will be getting a call from the HR Manager for an interview.

“I received the call from the same office stating that I will have to pay Dh500 for the job confirmation. At the interview, I was asked some questions and I was told that I have been confirmed and that they will call me back but they never did call,” he said.

He added that he tried since them to contact them but in vain.

“I was quite shocked to learn from other victims that this recruitment agency is fake,” he said.

Another victim said that he was cheated by this agency in the same way last year and that they took his money and they refused to respond to his phone calls.

He said he did complain to the Ministry of Labour last year.

“It is quite shocking that even after many people did complaint to the Ministry of Labour but, these people are still continuing to rob people and there has been no such harsh action from the police or the ministry,” he said.

“People should be warned through media and they must be aware about this fake agency,” he said.

One of the victims of this agency said he had applied for the position of Business Manager.

“I only doubted when during the interview the lady said to me if you like to work you have to pay Dh500 to get our service and I’m ashamed to say that I paid,” he said.

He said the woman told him that they will get back to him in three days but they never did.

He said when he called the woman Sana, the background noise was too loud as if she was in a market or shopping mall and could not give me clear information. She wants him to come on a Friday and most of the offices don’t operate during this day.

“They initially charge Dh300 to Dh500 depending on the applicant’s visa status. I lodged a complaint with the Buhaira police station last year but nothing was done,” he said.

Gulf News contacted the woman Sana on 056-7508956 several times and each time she [Sana] gave different office locations and she used to ask about the nationality of the caller and what kind of job we were looking for.

Gulf News told Sana that a Syrian man and woman are looking for jobs and shea said that there are jobs available at a private and government offices respectively for the Syrians but that will cost more. Each time Gulf News contacted Sana asking for job, she [Sana] used to give different location for the interview.

Gulf News asked for land line number to call but Sana used only mobile number and she never gave accurate or clear details about her recruitment agency and she used to hang up the phone if she was asked many questions by the caller and she would asked if I have been interviewed by their company before.