A man writing red arabic letters on a white sheet of paper. For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Agency

Sharjah: Sharjah inmates are learning Arabic calligraphy during Ramadan.

The three-week course conducted by Sharjah Calligraphy Museum in partnership with Sharjah Punitive and Correctional Facilities and Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA) aims to teach 30 inmates at Sharjah Central Jail the principles of two of the most prominent Arabic writing styles: Al Roka and Al Diwani.

Participants will learn how to write letters, words and sentences using these styles, and will be able, towards the end of the programme, to make artistic displays using Arabic fonts. The calligraphy workshop is part of the authority’s social responsibility programme and follows a Memorandum of Understanding signed with Sharjah Police in December last year. The MoU, part of SMA’s ongoing ‘Because We Care’ initiative, offers a series of carefully designed workshops and lectures aimed at helping with the rehabilitation of inmates through boosting their education and knowledge.