Without sufficient space to pray, worshippers line up outside the mosques in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi. Image Credit: Nur Juherni/Gulf News Reader

I would like to bring an issue to the attention of the authorities and Gulf News readers. The Mussafah area in Abu Dhabi is in dire need of bigger mosques, as the number of residents is on the rise.

Every day, more buildings are being built in the area. Yet, residents suffer every Friday as all the mosques are full — right up to the external perimeter of the mosques where there is no air-conditioning.

Summer is the toughest time for those who need to pray outside due to this overcrowding. The photographs I have taken show people praying in scorching hot weather, directly under the harsh glare of the sun.

Rising population

Some people were outside the mosque, some were trying to get shade under nearby buildings and some were just praying on the road. Even children had to pray outside due to overcrowding.

I hope that the authorities in Mussafah are taking note of this issue and will take immediate action to accommodate the rising population.

I also hope that prayer areas for women will be considered as I always have to go to another residential precinct to pray.

In addition, I would like to suggest that more activities be organised by the mosques in UAE as they are not only a place of worship but a place to educate and bring the Muslim community together.

This will also be healthy for the growth of children and teenagers as mosques would definitely be a great place for them to meet and socialise.

— The reader is based in Abu Dhabi

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