JLT has installed many such stations for children’s health and safety Image Credit: © XPRESS / Francois Nel

Dubai: Dog waste stations have been put up all over Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) following complaints from residents unhappy about walking into piles of dog poo.

With black plastic bags rolled neatly into green metal boxes, each dog waste station comes with a clear message to dog owners who walk their dogs in their area: "Please leash and clean up after your dog. Dog waste transmits disease. Children play in this area."

The message ends with a warning: "It's the law."

A statement by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCC), the licensing authority for JLT, says, "The current fine is Dh200 for failing to have a dog on a leash and Dh200 for failing to remove waste."

Ksenia Mikhaylova, a receptionist who works in JLT, says she's seen the dog stations around for the last week and believes it's an extremely good idea. "This is a clear reminder to residents to pick up after their dogs," she says. "It's a much-needed shout-out to residents who seem to think nothing of littering their neighbourhood.

"Moreover, as the sign says, dog waste can be harmful to children who play on the same lawns."

The stations, which have been put up around all the lakes and garden areas, as well as other areas where residents generally walk their dogs, are strategically placed next to trash bins so that people have a place to dispose of the dog waste after scooping it up in the disposal bags available at the stations.

Anna Ozturk, A Ukrainian expat who lives in JLT, says she always carries a plastic bag to scoop the poop, but has noticed so many other residents who do not. "Hopefully, these dog waste stations will remind people to clean up after their dogs. Now there's really no excuse anymore; especially with poo bags and trash bins all around the lake and park areas, plus heavy fines levied on those who fail to comply."

There will be 50 stations across JLT: 40 have already been installed around the community and an additional 10 will be deployed as landscaped areas are completed.

"All the dog waste stations are strategically placed, adjacent to potential areas where owners may be expected to walk their dogs," says a spokesperson for DMCC.

"The supporting signage is consistent with JLT master community rules which permit dogs to be walked in the master community areas provided the rules are observed. The top two most important rules are that dogs must be kept on leashes and their wastes need to be cleaned up. These rules are necessary for the safety of community users, children and the dogs themselves."