20232102 nasa crew
Emirati Astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi and his Crew-6 colleagues arrive at the Kennedy Space Center, 5 days before the launch of the first Arab long-duration astronaut mission. Image Credit: Twitter/NASA's Johnson Space Center

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has announced a new date and time for the first Arab long-duration astronaut mission. The mission will take place at 10.45am on February 27 (UAE time).

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, named Endeavour, atop a Falcon 9 rocket, that will carry Sultan Al Neyadi, along with two NASA astronauts – mission commander Stephen Bowen and Pilot Warren Hoburg – and Roscosmos cosmonaut Andrey Fedyaev to the ISS will be launched from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

There will be three launch opportunities in a row that would satisfy the requirements to dock at the ISS, MBRSC noted.

The UAE will become only the 11th country to carry out a long-duration astronaut mission. During the six-month mission, Al Neyadi will conduct scientific experiments and research alongside an outreach and education programme which will see him interacting with students in the UAE.


This will be the first spaceflight for AlNeyadi, Hoburg and Fedyaev; and the fourth mission to space for Bowen.

The upcoming mission will make the UAE only the eleventh country in the world to send its astronauts on a long-term mission to space.