The 'prize-winning' Whatsapp message sent by scamsters Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: Scamsters targeting mobile phone users have extended their scope of operations, so to speak, by luring them with more rewards on WhatsApp, as against SMS earlier.

The messages which congratulate the customer at the outset go on to tell them that they have been selected for a reward not just from du and Etisalat but also EXPO 2020 and Dubai Duty Free.

“You won Dh200,000 in happiness of new year in 2018,” the messages say, directing the customer to call a specified cell phone number or visit a website.

The address of the website mentioned is that of Dubai Duty Free where winners from the past are featured, thus misleading the customer into believing the current reward is for real.

Messages about the supposed rewards have been continuing, albeit with a new twist, despite repeated warnings by the authorities over the past few years.