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The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) Ramadan initiatives aim to enhance community engagement and teamwork. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) introduced a series of humanitarian and community-driven initiatives under the theme “Journey of Good”.

These initiatives, in collaboration with volunteers from the RTA and Keolis, Dubai Metro and Tram’s Operator, aim to enhance community engagement and teamwork.

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Through these concerted efforts, a variety of Ramadan-focused activities, events, and initiatives will be delivered, targeting an inclusive community comprising the RTA’s employees, bus, delivery bikers, and truck drivers, along with workers and Abra riders.

‘Modes of Good’ initiative

The Modes of Good initiative, an expanded version of RTA’s Meals On Wheels annual drive, extends the spirit of giving through various modes of transport.

RTA staff and volunteers prepare 8,000 meals during Ramadan, using special buses and Abras. The initiative supports bus, bike, truck drivers, and Abra riders. Volunteers also visit worker accommodations to distribute meals, strengthening community bonds.

Ramadan tent project

RTA, in cooperation with charitable societies, is launching the Ramadan Tent Project, in partnership with the Beit Al Khair Society. This initiative is aimed at providing 2000 Iftar meals to fasting individuals by setting up a dedicated tent.

‘We Bring You Closer’ initiative

In cooperation with Keolis, Dubai Metro and Tram’s operator, the “We Bring You Closer” initiative is designed for public transport users at Al Ghubaiba, Union, and Jebel Ali Metro stations.

This humanitarian initiative fosters connections with family and friends by establishing four telephone booths at these metro stations, allowing people to reach out to their loved ones.

Internal initiatives of RTA employees

A variety of internal initiatives of RTA employees include the “How to Prepare for Ramadan”, which encompass three remote workshops designed to highlight healthy fasting habits and the importance of maintaining a balanced diet during the holy month.

The “Who Will Win the Fanoos?” initiatives, meanwhile, give winners the chance to get vouchers. The authority has also initiated the Ramadan Bazaar and Iftar Gathering to unite staff members and leaders over the Iftar meal to foster social communication between employees and spread a culture of tolerance, which will reflect positively on the work environment.