A screen grab of the website advertising the butler service. The butlers will cater to private pool and beach parties. Rates start at Dh500 per butler, per hour. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Bringing a whole new concept to butler service in Dubai one management event organiser is now offering good-looking, topless male butlers armed with charm.

Rates start from Dh500 per butler, per hour, with a two butler two-hour minimum service.

Residents have expressed surprise over the new concept of topless buff waiters who cater to private pool and beach parties. With a website advertising its services it states that, “Wearing only swimwear, collars and cuffs, they offer a fun, highly professional bespoke service: greeting and seating guests, bartending and keeping drinks topped up, serving canapes or just looking dishy while dishing up.”

When contacted, the owner refused to comment and responded: “While we have the privilege of working in the UAE we are conscious of local sensibilities and therefore never seek publicity.”

Although the company providing the service claims that it is not breaking any laws, the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing on Wednesday told Gulf News it is only responsible for catering services provided in hotels and public venues.

An official from the Department of Food Inspection at Dubai Municipality said they had no jurisdiction over private functions.

“If residents have a complaint we urge them to notify us immediately on our hotline number 800 900. Otherwise, we do not have any say in what kind of dress code applies in people’s private homes or functions,” the official said.

Residents say that such services do not conform to the country’s traditions and customs, as it is still a conservative society. They also pointed out that they were tolerant regarding the behaviour of expatriates as long as they were not subjected to it.

“I did not expect to hear that there’s something like this in the UAE and I do not think I would enjoy being in a place with this kind of service. I think people can do what they want behind closed doors as long as I am not affected. This kind of service should not be publicised at all,” said Alia Hussain, an Emirati.

Canadian expatriate Jeffery Hunt, said: “I would not mind using this for a laugh as it is something different for an outdoor pool party.”

Iqbal Ebrahim, from Pakistan, said. “I can see how this kind of service is available in European countries but people tend to forget that we are living in a Muslim country where even drinking alcohol without a licence is illegal. How can such a company legally work here? The fact that they are topless is what surprises me the most.”

Yousuf Hamad from Palestine, said: “If we let these kind of services start whatever will it lead to next? This is a liberal country but we should not push the boundaries. I wonder if having topless waiters, even if they are men, is legal.”