Hair-raising. Dr Sanjay Parashar explaining the robotic hair transplant procedure at the Cocoona centre Image Credit: Clint Egbert/XPRESS

DUBAI A Dubai-based aesthetic centre has launched the region’s first robot to carry out hair transplants.

Announcing the launch at a press conference on Wednesday, Dr Sanjay Parashar, consultant plastic surgeon and founder of the Cocoona Aesthetic & Day Surgical Centre, said the ARTAS Robotic System is world’s only computer-assisted, yet physician-controlled technology for hair transplantation, available now for the first time in the GCC.

Dr Parashar, who has done over 500 hair transplants the traditional way, said the robot is capable of delivering results with a higher accuracy, speed and quality compared to other methods.

Cocoona, which has 15 bookings for hair transplants with the use of ARTAS in the first month of its launch, is currently offering the service only to men.

“The procedure is recommended for men suffering from hereditary baldness. Eligible candidates are usually aged between 20-50 years and must pass the strict protocols we have to screen for risk factors including medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac and systemic illnesses.” He said ARTAS is capable of identifying the good from the bad hair for the transplant, designing the site, harvesting the hair and determining the optimum angle in which the hair can grow. “Unlike other methods, it can even simulate the final result using a 3D patient simulator and show it to the patient beforehand.”

He said ARTAS can harvest 1,000 grafts per hour and uses high resolution digital imaging that eliminates human errors. There is no need to surgically remove a strip of the scalp from the back and sides of the head. “There is no linear scar after the procedure and no need for stitches or staples close to the wound.”

The procedure on an average takes around six hours to graft 2,000 or so follicles of hair, compared to 10-12 hours in the traditional method. The results are permanent and the cost, which depends on the number of grafts, could range between Dh20,000 and Dh40,000. The average time taken for the hair to grow to its full length and density is around six months.