Lucknowi lamb chops & galouti Image Credit: Supplied

Hosting a dinner party for more than 10 people is considered to be more stressful than going for a job interview or meeting with the bank manager, according to a poll done by After Eight. Apparently, the greatest fear is if the dishes served would go wrong in any way. But with this list of lamb recipes you can fend off those fears. These are recipes from some of the most popular fine-dining restaurants in the UAE like Signature, Mahec, Cle Dubai, Seven Sands, Boca and Flavours On Two

Read on to find out more about the appetiser’s and main course we have specially compiled for you:

Lucknowi lamb chops & galouti

Lamb chops can be quite positively eaten with anything that suites your taste buds. It can be a piece of flat bread dipped in curried lamb chops, with stewed spring vegetables or just grilled with some fresh mint. They can be cooked in traditional Indian, authentic Middle Eastern or contemporary European cuisines and it will all be just as good as the last one. 

Lamb chops cooked in Lucknow style, a city in Central-South Asia, have been influenced by Mughal cooking techniques, and have similar patterns to that of the Middle East. So one can use this recipe to wow their Indian and Middle Eastern friends with ease, courtesy of Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor.

Quantity Ingredients
For lamb galouti
125 ml lamb leg boneless
100 gms raw papaya
125 gms onions
20 gms cashew nuts
5 gms garam masala
12 gms green cardamom
5 gms red chilli powder
75 gms turmeric powder
125 gms ginger garlic paste
to taste ghee
For smoking
4-5 cloves cloves
for smoking ghee
4-5 cloves green cardamom
For smoking charcoal
For ulta tawa paratha
250 gms refined flour
.5 gms saffron
60 ml milk
5 gms salt
25 gms ghee
35 gms semolina
5 gms sugar
For lamb chops
1000 gms lamb rack
10 gms degi mirch
50 gms parmesan cheese, grated 
4 portion red marination
50 gms pistachio, crushed
20 gms red chilli flakes
10 gms papaya paste
15 gms ginger garlic paste
to taste salt


Preparation method

1. Mince lamb 3 times along using a mincer machine.

2. Mix with the remaining ingredients and rub on a marble top table till finely smooth.

3. In a broad vessel place a small bowl in the center with lamb mixture surrounding it.

4. Put charcoal in the bowl and pour ghee, cloves and cardamom.

5. Cover immediately to avoid smoke escaping.

6. After 10 to 15 minutes remove the lid and take out the Galouti.

7. Cling wrap and allow to rest for 1 hour in the refrigerator.

8. Roll out gallette’s using your hand, of 50 grams each.

9. Shallow fry in a pan with ghee on both sides.

10. Roll out small flat round bread a little bigger than the size of gallette’s.

11. Serve lamb galouti over these ulta tawa paratha.

For ulta tawa paratha

1. Soak semolina and saffron in milk for half an hour.

2. Then sieve flour and salt together, make a well in the center and add sugar, semolina and saffron infused milk.

3. Knead into dough. Slowly add ghee, knead into hard dough.

4. Make small, even balls of approximately 30 gms each and roll on a greased surface.

5. Crimp the rolled sheet and curl it into a roll and set aside for 20 mins.

6. Roll the curled dough against crimping.

7. On an ulta tawa apply ghee or oil and heat it

8. On a medium flame and cook the paratha on it.

9. Roll out small flat round bread a little bigger than the size of galletts.

10. Serve lamb Galouti over these ulta tawa paratha.

For lamb chops

1. Marinate lamb chops with papaya paste, degi mirch, ginger & garlic paste & keep into the chiller for overnight.

2. Marinate the same lamb chop with red marination.

3. Thread lamb chops into the skewer and roast in clay oven for 7 to 10 mins.

4. Before serving, baste with butter, roast again for 2 mins, remove from skewer & coat grated parmesan cheese, chili flake & crushed pistachio.

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