Humour at the helm. Washmen CEO Rami Shaar Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An “out of office” response by the CEO of an app-based laundry in Dubai has become the talk of the town for its unlikely sense of humour.

“The automated response was drafted by Rami Shaar, CEO of Washmen (a washing, dry cleaning and pressing service) just before he left for his wedding in Florence and honeymoon to an undisclosed location,” Nelio Leone, the company’s marketing director told XPRESS.

Personal note

Rather longish for an “out of office” communication, the message opens on a rather personal note with Shaar saying he is on a mission to get married, which will then be followed by a honeymoon in a remote location where there is no Internet.

Fair enough, but check out what follows.

“That doesn’t mean that you can’t reach me. Here’s exactly how to reach me until I’m back on August 12,” writes Shaar.

“By Air Mail: Locate the white pigeon with the three black spots on its right wing. Write your message on a piece of paper, roll it up and tie it to its right paw. Make sure the pigeon flies to these coordinates -8.409518, 115.188919.

“By Sea: Please write your message on a piece of paper, roll it up and put it in a glass bottle. Close it firmly with a cork lid and throw it into the ocean (East of the Straits of Hormuz).

“Note: make sure your throw is aimed at coordinates -8.409518, 115.188919, this will ensure that the bottle washes up by my sandy toes on the island.

By Satelite: “For URGENT matters, feel free to reach out to my mother-in-law. Her senses are equipped with laser precise geo-targeting allowing her to be fully aware of our coordinates.

Looking forward to connecting,” the note concludes.

Leone said Shaar’s “out of the box” message symbolised the very spirit of Washmen.

He said, “Initially, the idea was to create something funny. It started as a joke but when we thought about it, it reflected our workplace culture, where wit and humour find a prominent place.”