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File image: Silhouettes of Malaysia's Islamic Authority's officers and a theodolite which they use to perform "rukyah", the sighting of the new moon which signals the start of the holy month of Ramadan, are seen in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: With Ramadan fast approaching, residents in the UAE are preparing to fast for approximately 13 hours a day.

Using Dubai prayer timings, the intervals between Fajr and Maghrib prayers were used to calculate the expected fasting duration for the first day of Ramadan, which is predicted to fall on March 23.

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On the first day of Ramadan, Muslims in Dubai will begin their fast at 5.03am and end it at 6.31pm, observing a total of 13 hours and 28 minutes of fasting. As the days progress, the fasting time will increase by a few minutes each day due to the approaching summer season, and days become longer.

The second day of Ramadan will see a slightly longer fast of 13 hours and 31 minutes, with the Fajr prayer time starting at 5.01am and the Maghrib prayer time being pushed slightly to 6.33pm.

Towards the end of Ramadan, iftar time in Dubai will take place at 6.45pm. Use our daily prayer timings page to know the exact timings in each emirate.