The Iftar, held at Dar Al Ber Society’s headquarters, aimed to spread joy, raise awareness and celebrate the achievements of children of determination. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In the spirit of Ramadan and with a commitment to fostering inclusivity and happiness, Dar Al Ber Society organised a Special Iftar dedicated to Children of Determination and their families over the weekend.

The Iftar, held at Dar Al Ber Society’s headquarters auditorium on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, aimed to spread joy, raise awareness, and celebrate the achievements of the special individuals.

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The primary objective of the gathering was to integrate the families of Children of Determination into mainstream society, while also highlighting their unique talents and addressing the challenges they face. Guests from diverse backgrounds, including government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, media personalities, and socialites, pledged their support and promised to take further steps to assist these children and their families.

The Special Iftar turned out be a heartwarming and fun event. Image Credit: Supplied

The evening commenced with Iftar and dinner, followed by heartwarming one-on-one interactions between the Children of Determination and the guests. The children seized the opportunity to capture memories with selfies and received special gifts, including personal hygiene items, educational toys, jewellery, chocolates, ecofriendly items, stationary and grocery. Each child had the chance to showcase their talents, ranging from creating artwork to reciting verses from the Quran and discuss their achievements and challenges, fostering a sense of pride and encouragement.

The Special Iftar witnessed the participation of over 250 guests, who enjoyed sumptuous meals and engaging activities. Free medical checkups were also organised.

Key officials and distinguished guests at the Special Iftar. Image Credit: Supplied

Suhail Al Muheiri, CEO of Dar Al Ber Society UAE, said, “Witnessing the joy and gratitude of the children and families at our Special Iftar event was truly heartwarming. Our commitment to organising Iftar for Children with Special Needs stems from our belief in inclusivity and compassion. Every smile, every interaction, and every moment shared reaffirms our dedication to creating a more inclusive society where everyone feels welcomed and valued. We are honoured to serve and support these remarkable individuals and their families, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to spread happiness and create positive change in our community.”

Memorable experience

Keisaku Nishida, CEO of Westfield Events Management. said, “It fills me with immense pride to participate in the Iftar organised by Dar Al Ber Society for special needs children. We believe that every child deserves to be celebrated and cherished, and we are honoured to contribute to creating a memorable and joyful experience.”

Nilofer Saleem, a special teen, said, “I am very happy to be able to attend this Iftar with my family and friends, being able to enjoy the yummy food and gifts, lovely people, and celebrate Ramadan with everyone.”

A representative from Dar Al Ber Society, expressed the organisation’s commitment to spreading happiness among Children of Determination and their families. She emphasised the importance of recognising and nurturing the unique talents of these individuals to integrate them into mainstream society effectively.

Volunteers from various backgrounds helped make it a truly joyous occasion. Dar Al Ber Society presented tokens of appreciation to supporters and contributors.