Ramadan resolutions
During Ramadan, Muslims fast from morning to evening, usually starting with prayers at sunrise and ending with prayers at sunset for 1 month. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE residents have shared their resolutions for Ramadan, a time for deep reflection and going back to one's spiritual roots. And they aspire to continue on this path even beyond the spiritual month of fasting.

Laila Estrella Taha, a 33-year-old Filipina-Egyptian expat in Abu Dhabi who works as a crew licensing controller, said helping the needy is her top priority.

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“I will make the best use of the holy month to raise my [spiritual] consciousness and help the needy. To me, Ramadan is a time to increase one’s sabr [patience], closeness to God and generosity towards others, especially the less fortunate. This is a time to reflect and be grateful for everything that we are given.”

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Ramadan resolutions
Laila Estrella Taha

She added: “Doing good includes being socially more proactive and benefitting those around you and the society in general. This Ramadan I am resolving to feed the poor, give in charity, volunteer and donate my time, especially during the last 10 [nights] of Ramadan which are the holiest.”

Healthier lifestyle

Leading a healthier lifestyle is also her goal this Ramadan.

Laila said: “Ramadan is the best time of the year to make or break a habit. This Ramadan, my resolution is to make a habit of eating healthy and detoxing. To workout harder to build a stronger, healthy and positive mindset. I will take this opportunity to start a new lifestyle.”

Door to redemption

Indian expat Asia Fathima, 35, who works as a manager, said she will take advantage of the occasion to become a better person.

“The holy month of Ramadan is a great time to reflect on one self. This Ramadan, I pray to realise the true potential of Ramadan by becoming a better human being. Personally, I believe that Ramadan is a month of training, an opportunity given by Allah to redeem yourself not just for the afterlife, but to initiate it right from today. It is a month of training that prepares you to execute the learning across the 11 months that follows Ramadan.”

Ramadan resolutions
Asia Fathima

She added: “I will therefore do my prayers and charity without any restriction. It will be my everyday routine not just this month but the months after Ramadan as well. This Ramadan, I am resolving to gain more patience, be humble and kind to every person.”

Family first

Palestinian-Canadian expat Shady Fakhira, 38, seeks to draw nearer to his kith and kin.

“Ramadan is the month of worship, and I will be doing it with my family. In fact, this Ramadan I want to connect with my family more than before. We plan to pray and do charity together as a family,” he said.

Ramadan resolutions
Shady Fakhira

Fakhira, who stays next to his mother’s home, added: “We will end our fast together. Also, I hope to help people in need, like every year.”

Taking responsibility

Australian expat of Iraqi origin, Wisam Esmaeil, who is an electrical engineer, said Ramadan is a great time for self-reflection. “I will make a commitment to taking responsibility for my actions, because I believe that taking responsibility is the key to achieving my goals and living a fulfilling life,” he added.

Ramadan resolutions
Wisam Esmaeil

Esmaeil said this Ramadan he will set clear goals for himself, take ownership of his mistakes and learn from his failures. “I resolve to pray on time. Charity will be on my mind as well.”

Priority list

A Pakistani influencer and immigration adviser in Dubai, Mavra Baloch, 32, said: “Ramadan is not only about fasting and praying, but it is also to grow spiritually and become a better version of yourself. This Ramadan, I am resolving to pray on time and recite the Quran with [full understanding]. This will be a priority on my list. I will also help people in need.”

Ramadan resolutions
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Baloch added: “My other resolution is to not overstuff myself during iftar [sunset meal to end the fast]. I will remember that moderation is a key aspect of Islam and this Ramadan I will focus on this - moderation for ourselves and believe in sharing more with people out there.”