The gatherings offer an immersive experience of what Ramadan is like in the UAE Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has announced the launch of a series of community events and cultural activities designed to capture the spirit of Ramadan.

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Included in the lineup are the launch of the fifth edition of the humanitarian initiative ‘Ramadan Heroes’ and the hosting of ‘Ramadan Nights’ at selected cultural and heritage venues managed by the Authority. The initiatives form part of Dubai Culture’s participation in the #RamadanInDubai campaign, which was launched under the directives of Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Media Council.

Implemented by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Government of Dubai Media Office, the campaign brings the public and private sectors together for the first time for a unified celebration of Ramadan.

An exhibition under 'Ramadan Nights' at Etihad Museum Image Credit: Supplied

‘Ramadan Heroes’

The ‘Ramadan Heroes’ initiative, launched in collaboration with the Emirates Red Crescent and talabat UAE, aims to promote solidarity within society and encourage participation in humanitarian efforts. Under the theme ‘Celebrating the Gift of Giving,’ this initiative aims to support underprivileged community members by facilitating donations of iftar and suhoor meals, food parcels and Eid clothing. Through the ‘Ramadan Heroes’ virtual charity on the talabat UAE application, donors can easily contribute, with deliveries coordinated by the field teams of the Emirates Red Crescent locally and across the region.

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Shaima Rashid Al Suwaidi, director of marketing and corporate communications at Dubai Culture, said: “As part of its commitment to social responsibility, Dubai Culture implements initiatives aimed at fostering solidarity, promoting a culture of giving and nurturing compassion by assisting needy families.”

‘Ramadan Nights’

As part of the ‘Ramadan Nights’ initiative, Dubai Culture hosted a series of entertainment shows and workshops at Etihad Museum in collaboration with the Dubai Astronomy Group and Gulf Photo Plus, commemorating the UAE’s involvement in the development and construction of the planned lunar space station.

Additional events under the initiative are scheduled at Al Shindagha Museum, the UAE’s largest heritage museum, until March 31. Visitors can take part in diverse Ramadan activities inspired by local heritage during this period.

The Traditional Crafts House is hosting a workshop on traditional ‘Mukhawara’ making, where participants will learn about traditional attire features and associated embroidery. In the ‘Safeefa Rug Tufting’ workshop, attendees can explore carpet weaving techniques using palm fronds. Visitors to the Perfume House are welcome to uncover the secrets of making scented candles and eco-friendly chimney design methods, along with crafting unique fragrances.

Children will have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops, where they can learn to create artworks and sculptures using gypsum. Additionally, they will receive training in henna blending methods to create intricate designs that highlight its beauty. Furthermore, they can explore traditional jewellery making, gain insights into traditional Emirati costumes and engage in popular games such as ‘Al Karabi’ and ‘Tug of War’.

Through the ‘Bu Tebaila Walk’, Dubai Culture also revives the tradition of ‘Steps of Suhoor’. Families and children will have the opportunity to accompany Bu Tebaila on a tour through the houses of Al Shindagha Historical Neighbourhood, chanting traditional folk songs and rhymes.

In collaboration with EmpowerHer, the Authority has also organised the Ramadan Market in the neighbourhood, showcasing a diverse range of products crafted by talented residents. Additionally, Al Shindagha Museum’s Visitor Centre has been converted into a space where visitors can come together to soak in the Ramadan ambience and share Suhoor meals provided by several vendors, including Chef Maitha, Dubai Food Babes, Sultan Eats and more.