Young graduates who are aiming to be teachers undergo practical training at a classroom in Abu Dhabi’s Hamoodah Bin Ali Model School Image Credit: Gulf News Archive/Abdul Rahman

Abu Dhabi: Public school pupils — from Kindergarten until Grade 3 — will be issued a new report card by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec).

The assessment card which will be issued at the end of each semester will show an accumulative assessment of pupils' academic performance and the skills the pupils have acquired throughout the year.

It will also display an assessment of the core subjects as well as activities such as IT, art, music, health and physical education. Attendance will also be highlighted on the new report card.

"The new report card comes as part of Adec's plan to develop and apply a comprehensive student assessment system," Mohammad Salem Al Daheri, Adec's Executive Director of School Operations, said.

"The new report card will reflect the extent to which the applied teaching/learning approaches are efficient. It will assess different aspects of the pupils' skills namely the social, emotional, creative, technical and behavioural," Al Daheri said.

"A follow-up of the students' progress will now be possible especially if the student is changing school," Noha, a math teacher, said.

Report cards in the new format will involve parents tracking their children's performance not just academically but their attitude and behaviour as well.

"I can now support the school and understand how my son is doing at all levels," Mohammad, a parent of a second grade pupil, said.

"The new extended assessment will offer a comprehensive assessment of the students' performance & skills that will enable educators to assess their approaches," Al Daheri said.