Green iftar giveaways at Dubai Airports Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai Waitrose The supermarket chain is all set to charge Dh25 fils on single use plastic bags at its branches in Abu Dhabi.

Waitrose has partnered with Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF to create a positive change and promote sustainable practices. Currently, Waitrose is encouraging shoppers to bring reusable bags or use their in-store bag exchange, where customers can deposit any used bags. The supermarket said it will allow carrier bags from any store in a bid to make it as easy as possible for customers to recycle and reuse plastic bags.

Dubai Properties Dubai based real estate group, Dubai Properties, recently unveiled the Middle East’s largest living green wall at Dubai Wharf overlooking the historic Dubai Creek.

The 210 metres long and six metre-high wall spans 1,260 square metres and features over 80,000 plants forming a leaf canopy area equivalent to around 200 trees that offsets an estimated 4.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.

Dubai Municipality: Municipality authorities have partnered with Dubai Airports for a “Green Iftar” giveaway. Guests arriving at Dubai Airports are handed a reusable shopping bag containing non-plastic packed food items such as fresh fruits and dates stored in reusable glass jars. The Green Iftar runs until the last day of Ramadan.

Basta: Dubai-based restaurant, Basta, located in Downtown, has taken an unusual stance against the use of plastic straws. It’s offering straws made of pasta as an environment-friendly alternative. David Myers, founder of the restaurant said: “Being someone who loves spending time in the ocean, I witness the consequences of our overuse of single-use plastic first hand. I like to think that by stopping the use of plastic straws, we are making a small mark right here in the UAE.”