Image Credit: Aghaddir Ali

Sharjah: A mall-wide blackout suspended operations and left hundreds in the dark at Ansar Mall on Friday night.

The nearly two-hour power outage hit the largest shopping centre in Sharjah at 10 .30pm. Lifts stalled with people still in them; escalators weren't working either.

Only emergency exit lights and shoppers’ mobile phone flashlights were on when the security team arrived on site.

They helped people trapped in the elevators out.

The secuirty team were also seen helping people out of the mall.

Emergency generators were operational, but didn't work for the entire mall.

The fifth floor and sixth floor were in total darkness while the other floors were only slightly lit.

Two people were taken to hospital by ambulance as they were feeling suffocated by the end of their exit.

Mall mangement contacted SEWA to investigate the issue. According to the management, SEWA told them there was problem in Al Nahda power .

Electricity was restored at 11.54pm.