Dubai: An attempted rally at the Egyptian consulate in Dubai was broken up by law enforcement authorities on Friday.

Some 20 people gathered in front of the Egyptian consulate after Friday prayers, where a heavy police presence was seen. Emergency vehicles and plainclothes officers were also sent to the scene.

The rallyists said they had come to silently and peacefully express solidarity with the protesters in Egypt.

Most participants came in groups of two or three and congregated across the street from the consulate before being told by a plainclothes official to disperse. The official cited laws banning unauthorised public gatherings.

Police officers took identification documents from the participants and journalists and returned them shortly.

A lone participant who arrived after most others were sent away told Gulf News he was hoping to join others in a peaceful rally, but left soon after, saying he had expected to see more people.

“This is it. The time has come for Egypt,” he said. “There’s no turning back. People there have nothing more to lose so they will continue protesting”.

The rally goers said they heard about the gathering from a Facebook group for supporters of Egyptian protesters in the UAE.

Most apologised to the police and left, while others briefly argued before being instructed to leave.