Oliver Jack Bennett, 9, was on a holiday with his mum Jayne in Dubai, when he took ill on the second day of the visit. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Timely diagnosis and treatment by Dubai doctors has saved the life of a nine-year-old English boy who suffered a very rare haemorrhage while he was vacationing with his mother in the city recently.

The boy, Oliver Jack Bennett, who was on a visit from Wales, was rushed to the Emergency of the Saudi German Hospital in Al Barsha with what initially seemed to be a bad throat and vomitting. His mother Jayne told Gulf News from the UK, “My son and I were very much looking forward to our two week holiday in Dubai. Unfortunately, the day after we arrived, Oliver became very unwell. The security where we were staying quickly rang the ambulance for us, The ambulance came straight away and we were taken to the hospital.”

Dr Ahmed Yassin Bahgat, Consultant Otolaryngology, said, “The boy with a sore throat and vomitting that looked like the beginnings of a viral infection. Then the vomitus started getting mixed with blood. He kept vomitting fresh clots of blood.”

Dr Ahmed Yassin Bahgat, Consultant Otolaryngology, Saudi German Hospital, with Oliver. Image Credit: Supplied

Admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit, he was kept under observation while he was subjected to a series of tests. He was also administered some medications, following which the vomitting and the blood discharge stopped. However, his haemoglobin fell from 12 to 8gm in one night.

Dr Bahgat said preliminary investigations revealed blood clots on the boy’s right tonsils. In a multi-disciplinary effort, an endoscopy was then conducted under general anesthesia.Dr Bahgat said, “We could see the blood coming from the lower pole of the right tonsil. It was a very rare problem because we are used to seeing blood only after a tonsils surgery, not from the tonsils itself.”

Oliver was diagnosed with having a rare case of tonsillar hemorrhage caused by bacterial tonsilitis. Dr Bahgat cited reports which said there were only 55 such known cases reported all over the world and Oliver’s could well be the 56th case.

Dr Bahgat said the bleeding vessel was duly cauterised under endoscopic control. Oliver also received blood transfusion to make up for the loss of blood.

One from the album: Oliver on an outing during his Dubai holiday. Image Credit: Supplied

“The sudden drop in haemoglobin could have proved fatal had Oliver not reached the hospital in time. The bleeding was significant enough to trickle down and fill the stomach, which trigerred the vomitting in the patient,” said Dr Bahgat.

The child was managed by a multidisciplinary team that included. among others, Dr Syed Adnan Munaf, Consultant Pediatrician, Dr Sameh Shoukry, anesthologist and Dr. Agkop Avakian, Consultant Gastroenterologist.

“The case highlights the fact that rare diseases do occur and that is the key for diagnosis. Luckily, we had the necessary equipment and expertise to address the issue,” added Dr Bahgat.

Oliver’s family is extremely grateful.

Jayne said, “It was a very frightening time and I was extremely worried, but also trusted we were in the right place. Thank you to all the amazing people that donate blood in the UAE, it really does save lives. We spent five days in the PICU before Oliver was discharged. Although no one wants this to happen, especially on holiday, I believe Saudi German was definitely the best place for us to be in. I am so grateful to each and everybody there.”

Jayne says Oliver and she found time to enjoy their holiday after he was discharged from hospital. Image Credit: Supplied

She said despite what happened, Oliver and she did find time to enjoy their holiday.

“We are now back home and Oliver is doing well. We eagerly await our return to Dubai and will visit Saudi German to see the amazing team that saved Oliver,” she added.