The boy was gifted a uniform as he patrolled the streets in a special 'Kids Police' vehicle alongside the official Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A three-year-old Emirati boy recently had his wish fulfilled to be a police officer for a day.

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Abu Dhabi Police’s Traffic Awareness and Education Team, in cooperation with Make a Wish Foundation, designed and prepared a police officer’s uniform for the boy. They took him and his sister on a field tour in a police patrol in the streets of the capital. The child reacted with happiness when the police siren sounded. The boy followed the policeman closely while he was working and interacted with other police officers.

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The experience, organised in cooperation with Umniah Foundation, coincided with Emirati Children’s Day. Hani Al Zubaidi, CEO of Make a Wish Foundation, thanked Abu Dhabi Police for maintaining the security and safety of society, and in fulfilling the boy’s dream.

The Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police also participated in the activities of the British Mamoura Academy and Make a Wish Foundation, implementing an awareness and entertainment programme that included a display of the Children’s Traffic Patrol and a workshop to educate students about traffic safety.

Brigadier General Mahmoud Yousef Al Balushi, Director of the Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate, said Emirati Children’s Day comes as an expression of pride in the achievements of the UAE in caring for children and securing their rights.