Satwa bus station
Al Satwa Bus Station covers 11,912 square metres and comprises ground plus one floor, and rooftop parking. It will have the capacity to accommodate 7,800 passengers per day. Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has started a partial closure of the parking spaces nearby Satwa Bus Station and Oud Metha Metro Station to give way for the construction of a bus station and a multi-level parking terminal.

The closure, which starts on Thursday,November 14, will continue until the end of October 2020.

The closure of the parking space at Satwa Bus Station will be implemented over two phases. The first phase, which starts on Thursday will continue until end of October 2020, covers the closure of 84 parking slots and leaves 131 parking slots open. The second phase starts afterwards and covers the closure of the remaining 131 parking slots, but 29 surface parking spaces nearby will be available.

The parking space at Oud Metha Metro Station will also be partially closed during the same period, and motorists will have an alternative of using about 500 parking slots in the area.

The construction of new bus stations and restructuring of parking spaces at Satwa and Oud Metha adds to the integrated infrastructure of traffic, and contributes to RTA’s vision: ‘Safe and Smooth Transport for All’.

Two New Bus Stations

Two new bus stations will be constructed at Oud Metha and Al Satwa to accommodate integrated facilities for bus riders including parking spaces, pick-up and drop-off points, retail outlets, restaurants and offices.

“The construction of stations for public bus riders complements RTA’s efforts for upgrading public transport infrastructure and encouraging people to use public transit means in their daily movement. The new stations boast of a unique design that blends innovative engineering designs with new concepts of public transport,” said Mattar Al Tayer, director-general and chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA in an earlier statement.

“The state-of-the-art design caters to the needs of sustainability and people of determination, yet it is coherent with the identity and shape of RTA’s stations. The mission of the new stations goes beyond the prevailing concept of commuting passengers to encompass the offering of integrated services for passengers such as retail outlets, service points, offices and others,” he said.

RTA recently started the development of 17 bus stations/stops and a depot to host buses at Al Quoz to meet the needs of Expo 2020 and ensure safe and smooth transport for visitors. Bus stations will be integrated with the Dubai bus network after the end of Expo.

Oud Metha Station

This station covers 9,640 square metres across ground and two floors with rooftop parking. Serves numerous bus routes including routes from Dubai Academic City and International City. Average number of riders using station: 10,000 riders per day.

It will have 10 operational parking spaces for buses, 20 slots for out of service buses and 316 spaces for private vehicles and taxis; air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned shelters.

Oud Metha Bus Station
Oud Metha Bus Station covers 9,640 square metres across ground and two floors with rooftop parking. It will serve 10,000 riders per day. Image Credit: RTA

Al Satwa station

It covers 11,912 square metres and comprises ground plus one floor, and rooftop parking. Has capacity to accommodate 7,800 passengers per day, which is expandable in future to 15,000 passengers per day.

It will have 15 operational parking for buses, 20 parking slots for out-of-service buses and 227 parking slots for vehicles;

Both stations will have pick-up and drop-off points, public rest houses fitted with prayer rooms for men and women, staff offices, public toilets and investment areas, self-service kiosks, nol card machines, bus information display panels, customers happiness’ index, ATMs, refreshment and snacks vending machines.