ALl taken: Discovery Gardens residents are increasingly finding it tough to find parking at night Image Credit: XPRESS/ARSHAD ALI

Dubai: Parking in certain pockets of Discovery Gardens has become a veritable nightmare, residents on some streets said.

An Emirati woman living on Street 6 A said she has to go round in circles every night to find a slot to park her car. “I work in Abu Dhabi and by the time I am back, the designated parking area around my building is full. I am forced to park very far from my apartment and I don’t feel safe walking the long distance.”

She said to avoid that, she sometimes parks on the sidewalk or loading area in front of her building, with the result that she has been fined on at least three occasions in a month.

“In the past one month alone I have received three parking tickets. What do I do if the designated parking is overflowing with cars during the nights? They need to urgently rectify this situation and ensure there is enough parking space for residents.”

Another tenant on the same street said he too is forced to park his car several blocks away from his building if he returns home late. “I keep worrying about the safety of my car because it is so far away. But there seems to be no other option.”

On Street 1, an Indian resident said parking slots meant for residents are often occupied by others. “I wouldn’t say there is no parking but the slots should be numbered so that residents for whom they are meant can use them.” He said the lighting in the area also needs to be improved. “The lighting is very poor and it can be an issue during the evenings and at night.”

The Emirati woman said entry and exit points to the community also call for an urgent review. “There are not enough lanes. It sometimes takes 30-40 minutes just to get out of the community to Shaikh Zayed Road during peak hours.”